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Nitin Jain and Nishu Jain, a power couple running the successful enterprise, Envi Production believe in generating content for every sensibility. Delhi-based film and music production house, Envi Production is a brainchild of Nitin and Nishu, who started their journey in 2018.

Now, the two with a resume of hit music videos, short films, and advertisements, the power couple is leading the production house pack with series of hits. Talking about the journey and ambition of Envi Production, Nitin Jain said, ?I started the company with my wife, Nishu, with one clear objective ? quality content for every sensibility. I don?t believe in limiting myself into one bracket, I want to explore it all and make a mark for myself, which I have achieved, to a certain extent. Envi Production, not only backs polished artists but gives the opportunity to new raw talent and helps them through their journey. We started small, we made our mark with music videos and various successful advertisements, now we?re going further expanding in movies? Till now, Nitin Jain has done 15 songs that are super-hit on several platforms. The biggest of them was his romantic song 'Beliya' with Zee Music, 'Ishq Na Hove' with famous singer Siddharth Shankar.

Talking about the latest release, a new single with Shankar, director and producer Nitin said, ?It?s a heart-warming song. Banke Tera-, The Soldier's Diary, has been shot in the picturesque valleys of Manali. Siddharth and Shruti Bakshi?s chemistry along with amazing composition, I think audience have already started loving the song.? Nishu Jain, co-owner of the company believe that the core strength of their vision will eventually be paid-off, she said, ?We always believed in quality work, cutting corner might find immediate success but in long-haul, it won?t work. We believe the audience loves quality work and that comes with vision, which we have? Banke-Tera is written by Shamsul Hasan Shams, Music composed by Imran Raza, shot by Antonio Michael, edited by Tarun Kumar, and features singer Siddharth Shankar along with stunner Shruti Bakshi.  The song is released on 5th August.

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