Quitting cigarettes can make sex life better

Apr 15 2019 08:17 PM
Quitting cigarettes can make sex life better

Smoking cigarettes posses a great impact on you body. The smoking also affect our sexual life. A study claims that for men, kicking the smoking habit can be beneficial not only for heart and lung health, but also for the sexual performance.

J. Patrick Selph from the University of Alabama at Birmingham  said, "Tobacco is a major cause of damage to the blood vessels that flow to the penis. If the blood vessels to the penis are damaged, erectile dysfunction may result. Tobacco is also a major cause of cardiovascular disease, and in some cases where the heart or its blood vessels are damaged, a man may be too unhealthy to engage in intercourse."

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Studies have shown that smokers are at a higher risk of having a reduced sperm count and lower sperm motility, affecting male fertility. Side effects are worse in moderate or heavy smokers. "I always tell my male patients that anything that is heart-healthy is penis-healthy," Selph said. "One of the major causes of both erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease is smoking. In fact, studies have shown that men who have erectile dysfunction are at risk for having a major cardiac event within five years. Quitting smoking is a key tool in the prevention of these problems."

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Reseachers said, "Those who stop smoking will see an immediate impact on their blood pressure with a decrease within minutes, and the toxic levels of carbon monoxide decrease within a day," said researcher J. Michael Wells. "Within three months, lung function begins to improve, and the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases will decrease by at least four times."


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