QUIZ question: Current affairs update

1. Who among the following has withdrawn from the ongoing French Open?

a) Rafael Nadal

b) Novak Djokovic

c) Roger Federer

d) Serena Williams

2. When was World Environment Day observed?

a) June 3rd

b) June 4th

c) June 5th

d) June 6th

3. Which state government has ordered private hospitals, nursing homes to administer Covaxin shots only to second-dose beneficiaries from 18-44 age group?

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Delhi

c) Haryana

d) Punjab

4. Which state government has decided to create an ‘Oxi-van’?

a) Haryana

b) Telangana

c) Delhi

d) Uttar Pradesh

5. Which among the following has been named Assam’s sixth national park?

a) Sonai Rupai

b) Dihing Patkai

c) Pohugarh

d) Raimona

6. Which state/ UT has launched YounTab Scheme for students?

a) J&K

b) Ladakh

c) Sikkim

d) Uttarakhand

7. Which Delhi Hospital has begun screening children aged between 12-18 years for Covaxin Clinical Trials?



c) Sir Gangaram

d) Apollo

8. Mount Merapi erupted four times on June 3, 2021. It is the most active volcano of which among the following nations?

a) Italy

b) Philippines

c) The Democratic Republic of the Congo

d) Indonesia

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