Quotes - GOD is the limitless powerhouse of uninterrupted ecstasy.

1- GOD is the limitless powerhouse of uninterrupted ecstasy.

2- Superior seekers experience GOD in their heart

3- We visualize the world, but superior seekers visualize GOD.

4- We need GOD in every single moment of our life.

5- A devote gets ecstasy in pronouncing the divine name of GOD.

6- You can find happiness in the world but no one can give ecstasy other than GOD.

7- Only GOD is the subject of discussion in a devotee’s life.

8- GOD steals the heart of devotees.

9- Devotion of GOD is extremely essential in human life.

10- We should dedicate our heart to GOD.

11- If you have faith in GOD, all fear of the world gets dispel.

12- In distress, we must not call the world but must only call GOD because only GOD will come to our aid.

13- There is nothing outside GOD, everything is within GOD.

14- The capability of devotion is that in whatsoever form a devotee wishes GOD to be, GOD takes that form.

15- Confess your fears and doubts to GOD.

16- Blindly trust GOD.

17- Sing the praise of GOD in prayer, thought and deed.

18- Thank GOD for giving you a ray of hope.

19- Be grateful to GOD in all that you do.

20- Do not forget to sing the praise of GOD when your life is at its highest of high or its lowest of lows.

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