Quotes: Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination

1- If you do not step forward
you will remain in the same place..

2- Don’t wait for the perfect moment
take moment and make it perfect.

3- Do not compare yourself to others
if you do so you are insulting yourself.

4- Difficult roads often
lead to a beautiful destination.

5- Life is hard
but not impossible.

6- Silence is the best answer
to someone who doesn’t
value your words..

7- I am in the process of
becoming the best version of myself.

8- Life is very complicated
don’t try to find answers
because when you find answers
life changes the questions..

9- Silence is the best
answer for all questions
Smiling is the best
reaction to all situations.

10- Don’t waste your life
in trying to impress anyone
just try to improve yourself
it will help you for a lifetime.

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