'R Value' falls for 2nd consecutive week, know Analysis of IIT Madras

More than 3 lakh cases have been reported in India continuously for the last four days. Most analysts believe that Covid has peaked in India. Meanwhile, analysis by IIT Madras has released another relief news. According to this the 'R value' has declined for 2 consecutive weeks. At present, the average R value in the country has come down to 1.57 between January 14 and January 21, which is a sign of relief from the covid infection. Not only this, it had earlier registered a decline for the first time in the last week i.e. The lower the R value, the lower the transition rate.

In easy scientific language, the R value is the ability of an infected person to infect others. That is, if the R value of a covid infected is one, there is a risk of another person being infected on its behalf. On the other hand, if a person has an R value of three, he can increase the risk to three people even more. Generally, human R value is high during the large spread of covid and governments are taking steps like sanctions - curfew or lockdown to check the ever-increasing figure.

Where it is also being said that from December 25 to December 31, the R value had reached 2.9 across India, while from January 1 to 6. By January this figure had gone up to four. That is, in the meantime, on average, one victim can increase the number of infections from corona to four more with him. According to experts, it is not possible to do genome sequencing of every sample, but emphasized that this wave of the virus is mainly due to Omicron.

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