Hockey player Rachael Lynch takes up nursing job in fight against COVID-19

Apr 04 2020 04:38 PM
Hockey player Rachael Lynch takes up nursing job in fight against COVID-19

The Corona virus epidemic broke Rachel Lynch's dream of winning gold at the Tokyo Olympics this year, but this Australian female hockey player is now serving her country as a nurse. Lynch, the goalkeeper of the Australian women's hockey team, is a registered nurse. Now the Tokyo Olympics will be held next year, so Lynch has registered himself as a nurse in two Kovid-19 clinics. She also used to work in the 'Neuro Rehabilitation Ward' once a week in the first week.

Crowds of people on the beach in parts of Australia made Lynch realize that the public did not understand the severity of the epidemic. Despite the government's explanation, people are not following the lockdown, in which they not only got disappointed but this player also thought that now Corona has to be uprooted from the country.

Lynch said, 'At this time a large amount of nurses and healthcare workers are trying to get help, because they are hoping that the danger may be greater. For the first time after graduation, I am able to work full-time as a nurse. So far, more than 5000 cases have been found in Australia and 24 people have died. Around 940000 people worldwide are vulnerable to this disease and more than 47 thousand people have lost their lives.

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