Radha Ashtami is on September 6, do this remedy

Sep 05 2019 09:00 PM
Radha Ashtami is on September 6, do this remedy

This year Radhashtami is on 06 September 2019. Yes, according to astrology, it is celebrated as the incarnation day of Radha Rani and to get devotion to Shri Krishna, Radha Ji's grace is very important. It is said that without devotion to Radha ji, devotion to Krishna cannot be attained and Radha's name comes before Krishna.

That is why if you do devotion to them first then only you can find Shri Krishna. In such a situation, if we do devotion to Radha ji on the day of Radhashtami, then Lord Krishna fulfills every desire of the mind in delight. With this, the name Radha is going to defeat all the sorrows of the world. So today we tell you ways to achieve happiness and prosperity on Radhashtami.

Here, the birth of Lord Krishna takes place at 12 o'clock in the day, not at night

Remedies for Radha Ashtami

* It is said that on this day, in the house of worship, one should do bhajan and kirtan, and Sankirtana in the group in front of the idol of Radha Krishna and she will fulfill the spiritual desires, as well as the desires, asked for.

* It is said that on the day of Radhashtami one should recite Shri Vishnusahsranama, with this, when you also recite Shri Sukta, you will get the desired fruit.

* It is said that one must read the Gita on this day because by imbibing the knowledge of the Gita, one gets the blessings of Shri Krishna in life and in the end one gets a place in Shri Krishna's abode.

This is why Krishna left Radha and broke his flute

* It is said that if you do some listening or reading of Shri Mad Bhagwat on this day, then there is a benefit. Along with this, love, song and dance are the easiest and easiest way to get devotion to Radha and Krishna and sing, and dance to the devotional songs on this day and the whole atmosphere should be colored in Krishna devotion.

* It is said that on this day, the work of renovation of an old temple should start and resolve to complete it.

* Donation is very important on the day of Radhashtami and for this reason, do Bhandara on this day and make offerings to everyone.

Make your daughter as Radha Rani on this Janmashtami

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