'You are an atheist...,' fundamentalists anger on Javed Akhtar again, reason is just a 'tweet'

Mumbai: A statement by musician Javed Akhtar on the ever-deteriorating situation in Afghanistan has put him on target of Islamic fundamentalists. Javed had written that every Muslim group should condemn the working women who have been asked by the Kabul mayor to "stay at home." After the same tweet, the fundamentalists got agitated and called them infidels, and atheists.

It may be recalled that Javed Akhtar had written in a tweet, "Aljazeera has reported that the mayor of Kabul has ordered all working women should stay at home I expect all-important Muslim bodies to condemn it because it is being done in the name of their religion Where are all those who were till yesterday shouting in defence of triple talaq.''

Ali Hashmi commented on Akhtar's tweet and wrote, 'What do you have to do by religion. You are an atheist, pay attention to it. In Kabul, working women have been banned for a short time and that too in some areas. They are being allowed to study, they are being allowed to do medicine work. I don't support the Taliban, but I just want to clear your misunderstanding.'

Ahmed commented, 'I have never seen any tweet of this infidel on the bombing by the US and now he is restless over the news for which he is planning and looking for the right way.' Adil Khan commented, 'Why don't you just focus on the problems of the women of your country. What do you have to do from other countries? Please, this is not your job.' Saif Alam linked Javed Akhtar with the BJP, he wrote, "Very cleverly, by linking India's triple talaq issue with the Kabul issue, you are trying to point out that what the BJP did in the name of triple talaq is correct and Javed Akhtar is with the BJP. Wow.'

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