Rahat Indori died of heart attack in Indore

Aug 11 2020 05:49 PM
Rahat Indori died of heart attack in Indore

Poet Rahat Indori has died while undergoing treatment in the hospital. Rahat was admitted at the Indore Hospital for treatment. He died of a heart attack at the Aurbindo Hospital during treatment. Rahat is a popular figure in the field of art. Since the news of his demise, a wave of sorrow has spread from Bollywood to the political world.

Every date is very special for some reason or the other. The day of 1 January 1950 is also very special because of two things. On this day, the Holkar dynasty signed a letter in India. The second reason which makes this date special is that Rahat Sahib was born on 1 January 1950. The day was Sunday and according to the Islamic calendar, it was 1369 Hijri and Tariq 12 Rabi ul Avval. Rahat Sahab was born to Rifat Ullah Sahab who later became a poet.

Rifat Ullah Sahab Sahab when came to Indore from Sonkachh Dewas district in 1942, he would not have imagined that one day his son Rahat will become a world-famous poet. Rahat's childhood name was Kamil. Later his name was changed to Rahat Ullah. Rahat Sahab's childhood was spent in poverty. His father used to drive an auto-rickshaw after coming to Indore worked in a mill, but those days were going through an economic recession. The Second World War, which lasted from 1939 to 1945, had worsened the condition of Europe. In those days, the products of many mills of India were exported from Europe. India was also affected due to the war in distant countries. The mills were closed. Rahat Sahab's father laid off from his job. Rahat Sahab's family became homeless. Rest they say is History. Rahat Sahab will be missed till eternity.

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