Rahul Dev feels relieved after eviction from Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 10: Rahul Dev was evicted from the house of trouble Bigg Boss but he feels a relieved man says, “Lot of things have happened outside like demonitisation. I have a company to run and several other responsibilities, that I will have to take care of now. I have a 80-year-old mother and 92-year-old father to take care of. Also, my son who is studying abroad is coming on the 19th so everything has fallen into place.”

The actor on his flat participation in the house says, “No, because Salman always heard me out. I told him there and then, that I can’t plot and scheme, and can be entertaining to a certain extent.” “Yes, but it was an act created out of a situation. And that’s what I do for a living. Also he says about Salman, “He took me to his chalet and even promised me a job,” he grins.

When asked Rahul about giving support to Bani, “Bani is clear that she does not like Om Swami, but Lopa herself is confused. On the one hand, she says he looks at her inappropriately and on the other he is the one oiling her hair and putting her to sleep!” Rahul added, “I had taken a three-and-a-half year break from films because I lost my wife Rina and had to take care of my son. I gave importance to parenting over everything else and went back to Delhi. Now, when I had to make a comeback, Bigg Boss was the best platform to give me that visibility.”

“I can’t say about marriage right now, but Mugdha is extemely special. I am glad she is a part of my life,” Rahul says on his relationship with Mugdha.

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