Rahul and Congress wished Dussehra, felt congratulations less, attack more on govt

New Delhi: While former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi wished the people of the country a happy Dussehra this morning, he also took a dig at the Centre on the pretext of this. Rahul Gandhi hit out at the Central government through a chaupai of Ramcharit Manas. Rahul tweeted, 'Jaasu Raaj Priya Praja Dukhaari So Nrap Avasi Narak Adhikari,' Jai Siya Ram!

This chaupai means that the king of a state where the people are in distress is hell-bound, that is, every responsible person should discharge his responsibility. On the other hand, Congress has hit out at the Central government on the occasion of Dussehra on its Twitter handle. The Congress wrote in its tweet, "Justice against injustice has always won. If the BJP rule does not remain in the ego, this time justice will win by defeating the BJP injustice. We will continue to raise the voice of justice against injustice, cruelty, repression.''


Congress leader Rahul is an attacker at the Centre per day. On Thursday too, he put the government in the dock over the hike in petrol, diesel and LPG prices. He tweeted that one day the people will end this "misrule" in grief. Rahul Gandhi also shared a graph on Twitter showing the rise in prices of GDP (gas, diesel and petrol). The Congress leader said, "Old traditions had a story of greedy misrule that collected taxes indiscriminately. At first, the people would be unhappy, but in the end, it was the people who ended that misrule. In fact, the same thing will happen.''

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