Rahul Gandhi calls for opposition strategy to combat "divisive forces"

KOCHI: Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress and the "Bharat Jodo Yatra," urged the opposition parties on Thursday to develop a plan to combat the current forces dividing the nation.

I do believe that the opposition needs to present a plan. Gandhi made this statement while speaking with the media here on the 12th day of his yatra in Kerala. "They have to come together to resist the ideological, financial, and institutional dominance that has now risen up in the country. He also emphasised that his political philosophies are different from those of the Left.

Many of the Leftists in this room are shaking my hand because they genuinely believe what I have said about hatred is true, he said. Gandhi, however, avoided several inquiries about whether he would run for the position of Congress President. I won't say it again, he added, adding that "I answered this question in full in my last press conference and it can be verified up." The position of Congress President, he said, "is not an organisational role; it is an ideological post." He went on to say that it "represents a collection of ideas, a value system, and a vision of India."

He further emphasised that every member of Congress has the option to run for office and queried whether any other party have a similar provision. It's advantageous that there will be a contest because "not a single party has that feature," he said.

He responded to a query on the arrests and widespread raids at the headquarters of the Popular Front of India by saying: "All forms of sectarian violence, regardless of where it comes from, should be combated." The yatra will leave Kerala on September 30 after travelling 453 kilometres through 43 Assembly and 12 Lok Sabha seats in 19 days. It arrived in Kerala on September 11 from the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu.

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