Rahul Gandhi Graces Book Launch Featuring Late P Seethi Haji's Speeches in Kozhikode, Kerala
Rahul Gandhi Graces Book Launch Featuring Late P Seethi Haji's Speeches in Kozhikode, Kerala

Kozhikode witnessed the presence of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi at a book launch event showcasing the speeches of the late P Seethi Haji on Wednesday. Gandhi expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to unveil the book and commended Haji for his noteworthy contributions. Recognizing Haji's role as a bridge-builder among communities, individuals, and ideologies, Gandhi highlighted the impact of Haji's life as a carpenter dedicated to fostering connections.

During his address at the event, Gandhi emphasized humility as the foremost trait of a leader. He stressed that a leader's ability to remain humble and introspective is pivotal for effective leadership. Reflecting on Haji's demeanor, Gandhi noted his ability to laugh at himself, a testament to Haji's humility, which resonated deeply with the audience.

The book launch also saw the presence of P. Seethi Haji's son, P. K. Basheer, an incumbent MLA from Kerala's Eranad Assembly constituency and a member of the Indian Union Muslim League party, following in his father's political footsteps.

P. Seethi Haji, a former member of the Kerala legislative assembly representing the Kondotty Assembly constituency, held significant positions in the Indian Union Muslim League and served as the director of the Chandrika newspaper. Known for his wit and impactful speeches, Haji left a lasting impression on the political landscape.

In addition to the book launch, Rahul Gandhi laid the foundation stone for the Thiruvali Pain & Palliative Care Society building in Thiruvali, Malappuram. Speaking at the ceremony, Gandhi praised Kerala's community-driven initiatives in healthcare and education, citing the state's pioneering role in palliative care.

Expressing his emotional connection to Kerala, especially his constituency of Wayanad, Gandhi referred to the state as his home away from home. He emphasized his deep affection for Kerala, considering his visits as moments of reconnecting with family and friends rather than mere official duties.

Rahul Gandhi's presence and words resonated deeply during the event, honoring the legacy of P Seethi Haji while underscoring the importance of humility in leadership and celebrating Kerala's community-driven initiatives in healthcare and education.

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