VIDEO: Rahul Gandhi again mocked off on social media due to a video...
VIDEO: Rahul Gandhi again mocked off on social media due to a video...

New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has once again made his mark on social media. In fact, Rahul Gandhi has shared a video of Kanpuria uncle-nephew from his Twitter handle, which has made him a laughing product. Hardly anyone would have thought that Rahul Gandhi, who was the national president of the country's oldest political party, would make his mark on social media in this way. In fact, Rahul is so impressed with those who criticise the BJP government and its leaders on social media that he trust him without thinking. Something similar happened this time too.



In fact, Times of India journalist Arvind Chauhan on Tuesday (February 1, 2022) shared a video of an uncle on his account, in which the nephew was saying to his uncle, 'Say you are a BJPman.' The uncle refuses to say. Both of them are uncles and nephews from Kanpur and are arguing with each other in a funny way. Sharing the video, journalist Chauhan wrote, "Ward 91 councillor from Govind Nagar Assembly (Kanpur) Raghvendra Mishra was caught on camera allegedly threatening a senior citizen who had voted against the saffron party.'' Just what was it, Rahul Gandhi glimpsed this video and shared it without knowing the truth and wrote, "Politics of Hindutvavadis i.e. hooliganism."

However, after the matter was caught, Rahul Kaushik posted another video of the uncle-nephew. He wrote, "Spreading lies by calling the uncle-nephew's funny fight a threat, the Gandhi family has been running its shop for 70 years on the strength of this. But they forgot that the wooden handi might climb again and again, but not every time!'' In the video shared by Rahul Kaushik, the uncle is saying 'We were both laughing. He was asking me to join the BJP, I told him I won't come.'


After this, Arvind Chauhan has also expressed regret, in a second updated tweet, has given the right information to the people. But Rahul Gandhi has so far neither expressed regret for spreading lies nor posted the correct video by tweeting another. After making such misleading tweets, Rahul Gandhi writes a letter to Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal saying that his followers are decreasing, but the entire Congress, who considers Rahul Gandhi as the prime ministerial candidate, himself does not think before sharing such inauthentic information.

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