Has Rahul Gandhi done self-goal again trying to corner the BJP?
Has Rahul Gandhi done self-goal again trying to corner the BJP?

New Delhi: Former Congress national president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday once again got himself and his party in a quandary to corner the Modi government on the LPG gas issue. In fact, in a tweet, Rahul Gandhi said that during the Congress government in 2014, a cylinder was worth Rs 1,237, which is getting 999 rupees in the Modi government. Rahul Gandhi tried to explain that at that time consumers used to pay Rs 410 from their own pockets and the government used to charge Rs 847 as a subsidy to the same taxpayer customers.


Rahul Gandhi further wrote in his tweet, "Then for the price of one 2 cylinders, today only one cylinder. Only the Congress government works for the welfare of the poor and middle-class people. This is also the key to our economic policies.'' In fact, the Congress MP had tried to tell the people how the Modi government stopped giving subsidies to the people. Due to this, in the year 2022, people have to pay 999 rupees for a cylinder. But somewhere, Rahul Gandhi also admitted that the price of gas cylinders in the year 2014 was more than in the year 2022. On the whole, the Congress government was returning the money of the taxpayers as a subsidy to them.


Earlier, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had attacked PM Narendra Modi and tweeted, "Power crisis, the jobs crisis, farmer crisis, inflation crisis. PM Modi's 8-year misrule is a case study of how to ruin one of the world's fastest-growing economies.''

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