Rahul Gandhi targets BJP government over death of rape victim in Bhopal

Jan 22 2021 01:54 PM
Rahul Gandhi targets BJP government over death of rape victim in Bhopal

New Delhi: In Madhya Pradesh, the victim of gangrape, like Uttar Pradesh, was cremated. In Bhopal, a minor rape victim died in a government hospital. The mother of the victim alleged that she was waiting for the daughter at home, but the police took the body directly to the crematorium. Later, the family was taken there and the victim was cremated.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has once again attacked the BJP government in the case. In a tweet, Rahul asked how many times the inhumanity like Hathras would be repeated? In his official tweet, he wrote, "How many times will the inhumanity like Hathras be repeated? The BJP government has failed in women's safety and is unable to behave humanly with the victims and their families. "This incident is highly condemnable, highly shameful," former Madhya Pradesh CM and Congress leader Kamal Nath wrote in a tweet. In the Shivraj government, the nephew is not safe? Innocent daughters of sexual exploitation in the state capital are not safe even in the girl child home? How much inhumanity, not to let the deceased victims go to his house, treat him like culprits? "

Kamal Nath further wrote, "His family was also deprived of the final customs, what is this inexorable system, where is the responsible, how ashamed will the state be? The matter is very serious, the matter is investigated by the CBI, the rest of the girls are also provided with full protection and proper arrangements for their treatment. Strict action is taken against the culprits."


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