Rahul Gandhi talks with Health workers on National Doctors' Day

Jul 01 2020 11:04 AM
Rahul Gandhi talks with Health workers on National Doctors' Day

Today is a special occasion for doctors fighting on the frontline amidst the growing outbreak of Corona infection. Doctor's Day is being celebrated, on this occasion, everyone is saluting the health workers. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is talking to many doctors.

Rahul Gandhi said in his statement that you make us feel proud, you are the representative of the country. We want to know your experience of how you are doing during this time. This time will be difficult for all of you. Rahul said that they do not even allow testing in Delhi.

Apart from this, Dr Sherley told that patients were coming to us every day, there was a lot of fear in the beginning because no one knew anything. When I was seeing a patient, she had no symptoms, she only had a stomach ache. When examined, she was corona positive.

Fear over Corona spread in early March when there was no lockdown in Britain. Since then we have been taking great care including PPE kits. Dr Vipin from Kerala told that "I also got coronavirus. I'm in quarantine right now. There are 1.2 million allopathic doctors in India, while there are more than 3 million nurses. But there is a difference of ground in private and government hospital in India. The only problem in private hospitals is that their salary is being cut, the government should help."

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