Rahul Gandhi targets Centre over farmer suicides
Rahul Gandhi targets Centre over farmer suicides

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress vice-president on Friday while Addressing a crowd in Nanded said that in the past three years, about 9,000 farmers have committed suicide in Maharashtra.

"Everyone knows that a farmer needs the support of the nation and the State Government. If you ask any farmer, how much money comes from their farm, then every farmer will tell you - if the Minimum Support Price (MSP) is not been increased, if there are no rains and no compensation or bonus is given, then they won't be able to work, and this is the truth behind today's India," retorted Rahul Gandhi.

"In Uttar Pradesh, under a lot of pressure, the government finally gave relief to the farmers. Here (in Maharashtra) the condition is the same. It is the Congress party that put pressure and that is when the state Government announced the loan waiver," Rahul said.

The Congress vice-president also said that if India needs industrialists, they also need farmers as much.

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