Rahul Rai : This 18 years old boy has the best success recipe for Trading.

If you spot an 18 years old boy chilling in a café with his Macbook, you better not judge him because he might be creating fortune and playing in millions. This time, I have brought you the success story of a Chandigarh based trader cum Bitcoin investor , Rahul Rai who has just turned 18 and earning mammoth figures and creating his brand and claiming the crown of trading.

It’s difficult for a boy in late teen to figure out what he wants to do in life but not Rahul. Rahul started his career as a Forex trader just a couple of years ago but he soon understood the algorithmic knowhow to make his first profitable amount which was in thousands of rupees. But it didn’t take much time turning rupees into dollars. Currently, He is earning in 6 figures which makes him an idol for not only the teenagers of his age but also for people who want to invest their time and money in the areas like Stock Market, Forex trading and Bitcoin.

Rahul belongs to a Middle Class family, but he has aspiration to become a Billionaire and the pace and speed at which he is moving forward, the goal doesn’t look far-fetched. Rahul is surely that millionaire next door who earns too much to believe for his age. But a hero is a hero and Rahul is a true prodigy. Talking about his starting days, he says that he was always sure that he wants to be an Entrepreneur but he just lacked a clear roadmap but finding platforms like Forex trading and Bitcoin, He is surely living the life of his dreams and very soon, he will achieve his target.

When I interviewed him, I was sure that this guy is one great negotiator and a great number guy and I am sure that other people too will follow him as he is leading them with a guiding torch of trading.

“I just want to make people believe that miracles happen if you give your best and I also want to do something for the society and the people.”; says Rahul. Rahul is surely someone, we will look upto and hope for his success. May his “Billion Dollars Dream” comes true very soon.

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