Indian Railways loses crores of rupees due to farmers, know why

New Delhi: Indian Railways has suffered heavy losses in recent times due to dharna demonstrations in India. Crores of rupees have been lost in different zones of railways. This was stated by Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav in response to a question in the Lok Sabha. It also mentions that Northern Railway is at the top of the places where more losses have been reported till October this year. A report issued by the Railways said that in the month of October this year, 1212 dharna demonstrations were held in the northern railway ambit as compared to other railway zones. 225800000 (more than Rs.22 crores). It may be recalled that Delhi, Punjab, Haryana were the largest area of farmers' movement in the country in the recent past. Farmers demonstrated in the big figures in these areas. Which has affected the income of the Railways and has suffered huge losses.

The local government is responsible:-
Railways have clarified that police and administration at the local level are responsible for prevention, detection, registration and investigation and maintenance of law. Railways have also clarified that kisan andolan along with agitation of other organizations is responsible for whatever estimated loss the Railways have suffered till October in the current financial year 2021. Due to this, the operation of trains has been very disrupted.

Where is the loss?
As per the data released by the Railways, the decline is Rs.33400,000 to Eastern Railway, Rs.1511602 to East Central, Rs.67891824 to East Coastal Railway, Rs.937951 to North Central, Rs.1407217 to North Eastern, Rs.11044256 to North Western, Rs.82.63 to Southern Railway, Rs.26120609 to South East and Rs.579185 to South East Central.

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