Railway rules: Passengers will have to pay fine for more baggage

Millions of people travel in the country every day by train, and that is why the Railways is also called the Lifeline of India. So far, Indian Railways have framed separate rules for every service it has served. One of these rules is also designed for luggage carrying trains. But very few people know about it. Do you know how much luggage you can carry during a train trip? Yes, and if you are unaware of this railway rule, get updated immediately, because lack of information can empty your pocket. Yes, you may have to pay up to the fine.

Tell you that a passenger cannot carry goods weighing more than 50 kg with him while travelling by train. In such a situation, if the passenger wants to carry goods weighing more than 50 kg, he will have to pay a separate fare. Tell you that a separate ticket is given for extra luggage in the train. However, AC coach does not have such a system. In fact, passengers in this coach are allowed to carry up to 70 kg of goods at no additional charge.

At the same time, if you are travelling in a sleeper, you can carry only 40 kg of luggage with you. Let us also tell all of you that there are some things that you cannot take with you on the train even if you want to. In fact, as per the rules laid down by the Railway Board, you cannot carry any explosive or flammable substance in the train journey.

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