Indian Railway's big step, now if did this work in train then the action can be taken

New Delhi: People travelling by train will no longer have a bad night's sleep. No fellow passenger around you will be able to speak loudly on a mobile phone, nor listen to music in a loud voice. Indian Railways has taken a big decision keeping in view the convenience of the people. Railways will take action against such persons if people complain. Not only this but accountability of train staff can also be fixed. In this regard, the Ministry of Railways has issued orders to all zones so that the order can be implemented with immediate effect.

At the same time, according to the Railway Ministry, passengers often complained that co-passengers talk loudly on the phone, or listen to music. There were also complaints that a group sitting in the coach was talking loudly at night. There were also complaints that the railway sort or maintenance staff leads to loud talk, which leads to poor sleep. In addition, there was a quarrel over the lighting of lights at night, which was also complained to the Railways. In view of this kind of problem faced by the same people, Indian Railways has taken a major decision and issued an order. Now any passenger can lodge a complaint on which the train stop will take immediate action. If the complaint is not resolved, the accountability of railway personnel can now be fixed. These orders have been implemented with immediate effect.

Here are the guidelines for after 10 pm:-

- No passenger will talk on the phone in such a loud voice or listen to loud music, which upsets the fellow passenger.
- All lights except night lights have to be switched off at night so that the fellow passenger does not get disturbed by it.
- Passengers running in the group will no longer be able to talk late in the night on the train. Action can be taken on a complaint by the co-passenger.
- Checking staff, RPF, electrician, catering staff and maintenance staff at night will do their job peacefully so that people do not suffer.
- Also, railway staff will help older people above 60 years of age, handicapped and single women immediately if required.

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