Rain of rupees and money and gold and silver in Indore, 10-year-old Siddham to be initiated today

Indore: Madhya Pradesh's Indore city on Saturday received rain of rupees and silver, clothes, toys. The people who were dancing and dancing were watching all this happen in front of their eyes and were eager to rob them of these materials. The 10-year-old boy was sitting on a chariot and was enjoying worldly splendour.  In fact, in Indore, a ten-year-old boy, Siddham Jain, is taking diksha. He is moving away from the world into detachment. His steps towards becoming a child saint have increased. On Saturday, sidham's anniversary was taken out in Varaghoda.  

Sidham Jain came out of the same race course road from the sub-saharaya at Varghoda and Varun rode on the chariot. The social people carried him on their shoulders and carried him to the chariot. Sitting on this chariot, Siddham was looting gold, silver and artificial ornaments, clothes, toys, utensils. The society was eager to rob them as a symbol of barkat.

In the same year, a group of women and tribals were dancing in Varghoda. With fanfare, this varaghoda came out. On May 26, 10-year-old Ishan Kothari, a deeksharthi, was riding in an open jeep in Ratlam while 14-year-old twin sisters Palak and Tanishka Chanodia were riding in a chariot-like carriage. On May 15, the initiation of Siddham will take place on Hinkaragiri. He will wear the guise of a sadhu and he will get a new name. Social workers from other states will also come to participate in the initiation programme.

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