Raisi claims that the US is attempting to undermine Iran

Tehran: Iran's President Ibrahim Raisi on Thursday accused the United States of using a "policy of destabilization" against the Islamic nation, which is in unrest over the death of Mahsa Amini.

A 22-year-old Iranian woman of Kurdish origin died on 16 September following her arrest by Tehran's ethics police for breaking the country's strict dress code for women, sparking unrest across the country.

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Several people have died as a result of street violence, mostly protesters, but also security personnel. Hundreds of arrests have also been made.

At a summit in Kazakhstan, Raisi declared, "Washington and its allies have turned to a failed policy of destabilization following America's failure to militarize and sanctions.

According to him, as quoted by his office, Iran had "invalidated the US military option and ... suffered a humiliating defeat for a policy of sanctions and maximum pressure."

Since Donald Trump, the then US president, withdrew his country from a nuclear deal between Iran and the major powers in 2018, Washington has imposed rounds of severe sanctions on Tehran.

"The nation's focus on progress based on its inner strength," Raisi said, "caused the success of the Iranian people and terrified the overbearing powers."

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Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has also alleged that the "riots" were instigated by the Islamic Republic's bitter opponents, the United States and Israel.

Today everyone confirms that enemies were involved in these street riots," Khamenei said on Wednesday.
Enemy tactics, including propaganda, mind-control attempts, provocative provocations, teaching the production of encouraging and even incendiary material now evident, continue the usual.
Seven Iranian officials were banned by the US last week for their role in the "suppression" of the protests.

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US President Joe Biden's administration vowed to "hold Iranian officials accountable and continue to support Iranians' rights to protest freely."

Iran called the US president's use of human rights as a justification for the new sanctions "hypocritical".

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