17-year-old minor raped a 60 years old woman after watching porn videos

Sep 20 2019 01:31 PM
17-year-old minor raped a 60 years old woman after watching porn videos

Jaipur: In Rajasthan, the accused raped a lady of the age of his grandmother. Recently, a 60-year-old woman who had gone for a morning walk in Sriganga Nagar district was raped. After that, the police formed a team and started searching for the accused in the entire area, then the rapist turned out to be a 17-year-old minor. After this incident, everyone is in shock.

Superintendent of Police Hemant Sharma took over the investigation of this incident and after 30 hours os searching this minor was caught. Actually, the accused absconded from the victim, considering her dead. He told the police that he used to see the woman every morning while walking and only then such a dirty thought come to his mind. The accused minor is a resident of the same area. The accused, after finding the woman alone, raped her, tried to kill the woman to hide the crime and tried to crush her head with a stone. After executing this incident which crossed all the limits of cruelty, the accused came to his house and slept.

Police interrogation has revealed that after watching porn videos on mobile, he had such dirty thoughts in his mind and he was waiting for the woman to come on the morning walk since midnight. It is said that the woman woke up in the midnight at around 2'0 clock, she came out on the morning walk, assuming the time was 4:00 AM. The woman used to walk slowly due to her age. She was also undergoing treatment for mental problems. She used to go for a morning walk at 4:00 pm daily. At the same time, when the people of the neighbourhood came out of the houses in the morning, the woman was found in a bad state just a short distance away from the house, she was admitted to the hospital, after which the matter was exposed.

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