Rajasthan Gang rape case update, surgery successful
Rajasthan Gang rape case update, surgery successful

Ajmer: A deaf girl who was gang-raped in Alwar, Rajasthan has been rescued by a team of doctors along with Jaipur after undergoing surgery for eight hours. But during the operation, the doctors were shocked to see the way the 15-year-old minor had been treated. Not only was she gang-raped, but her private parts were stabbed to death with sharp objects. The private part was covered with pointed objects, which united the private part and the rectum of the victim.

Doctors in Alwar tried hard to stop the blood on Tuesday night, but the bleeding did not stop so the teenager was brought to Jaipur in a critical condition. Doctors here say she is out of danger now. At the same time, two days later, the criminals have not been caught. Police say more than 300 CCTV footage has been examined within a radius of 25 km, but there is no clue yet as to how a deaf deaf girl was caught by the cruels. The parents of this victim are workers. Apart from the victim, they have a daughter and a son. The victim was last seen by people at 12 o'clock when she was on her way to the farm. After that, she was recovered from under the overbridge in a bleeding condition. FSL team from Jaipur is present in Alwar only. Assistant director Rajesh Singh said that after the rape, the victim was thrown down after stopping the vehicle on the overbridge.

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Rajasthan Women and Child Development Minister Mamata Bhupesh, who arrived to know the condition of the girl child, assured that the culprits would be arrested soon. She also announced a compensation of Rs 6 lakh for the victim, out of which Rs 5 lakh will be given by CM Ashok Gehlot, while Rs 1 lakh will be given by the Women's Development Ministry. Social Justice Minister Tikaram Julie from Alwar has also provided Rs 3.5 lakh to the family members in Alwar.

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