Husband gave Triple talaq after his wife gave birth to a girl child, victim reached police station

Feb 09 2020 05:24 PM
Husband gave Triple talaq after his wife gave birth to a girl child, victim reached police station

Alwar: A case of triple talaq has come to light from Rajasthan. This incident is from Alwar district. It is alleged that a Muslim woman living in Bhiwadi in the district gave her three divorces due to her husband not being able to have a son. The victim has told that ever since she gave birth to a daughter, her husband was harassing them and now immediately divorced three. The victim has filed a case against the accused husband Sadiq Khan at the Bhiwadi women's police station.

The woman alleges that her husband immediately gave triple talaq over the phone. He told that the in-laws had started harassing her since her daughter was born. It is alleged that the husband had demanded Rs 10 lakh from his maternal uncle to keep him and his daughter. He was also thrown out of the house for not getting the money. On 24 January, the victim once again called her husband, but the person gave three divorces over the phone.

The victim has said that she was forced to file a case against her husband and her family at the Mahila police station in Bhiwadi. Shahnaz's father Sahun Khan, a resident of Godhan, Bhiwadi, has told the police that he married his daughter on 29 May 2016 with Sadiq Khan, son of Ramzan, a resident of Badi Pokhar in Alwar district, as per Muslim customs. A tractor was also given in dowry. A year and a half after his marriage, his daughter gave birth to a daughter. Ever since the birth of the daughter, her in-laws started harassing her. Police is currently investigating the case.

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