Python swallows deer, photos revealed

Jaipur: A video of a giant dragon swallowing a deer alive has surfaced from Baran district of Rajasthan. This incident is on Wednesday morning (September 15). The video shows a dragon slowly swallowing a deer. The video is from the Kishanganj forest area of Baran district where the deer was preyed by a python at Lalapura Plantation.

As soon as the forest department worker saw it, the dragon preyed on the deer and swallowed it completely. In fact, Purushottam Sharma of the forest department, who had gone on forest area duty, was surprised to see the deer being gripped by a python. He did not take his mobile and captured the entire incident on a mobile camera. 

By the time the forest officials reached the spot, the python had swallowed the deer completely. For the first time, the incident has been captured on mobile cameras. Many wild animals including deer, pythons, bears live in this dense forest of Baran district. 

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