Woman constable stops cyclist roaming in lockdown, know reason here

Jaipur: Strict action is being taken at intersections during lockdown. The woman constable, who was on duty with a quick ness, stopped a man walking on a bicycle. She started questioning him. After some time she found out that the cyclist sat on the collector, so the woman constable broke into a sweat. However, the collector appreciated the woman constable for being on duty promptly.

The corona is being tightened during lockdown. Action is being taken against those roaming unnecessarily. The collector praised Nirmala for the way she was doing her duty at the intersection in Bhilwara. In fact, collector Shiv Prasad M. Nakate left home on a bicycle to take stock of the lockdown in the city. His only purpose of inspecting the bicycle was to find out how the policemen were doing duty in carrying out the lockdown. The policemen posted in the city also knew that the collector would inspect, but no one knew that the collector would come riding a bicycle in a T-shirt.

When Collector Saheb was riding a bicycle in a T-shirt from Gulmandi, the woman constable stopped him and asked where he was going. The soldier standing behind said, Madam, don't move around. Collector Sahib is on the round. Do duty. Then the soldier noticed the collector and gently said, "Who are you stopping madam?" These are sahibs. In the meantime, the collector said, "I am DM". The female soldier was a little shocked to hear this. But then the collector said, "Very good. Do that duty like that."

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