Rajasthan: 35 bullock convoys walked with the groom in this unique Marwari procession

Bhilwara: In the Gangapur town of Bhilwara district of Rajasthan, when the bullock cart arrived in Barati with the Mewari tradition, everyone could not live without being affected by it. The procession started 10 km in 35 bullock trains starting from Guda village and reached Gangapur town. At the same time, on the main highway, there was a long jam on the route to see the Barat running in one km long bullock trains.

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To see this unique procession reached the town, a huge crowd of people from Gangapur town gathered. The main road to the town was jammed a km long. The unique procession of Mewari tradition was given a grand welcome in the town. According to the information, the procession of his nephew Dulhe Vishnu Giri was brought to Gangapur today by Bhairu Giri Goswami, a resident of Guda. The wedding is organized by Bhairupuri Goswami. The procession left in 35 bullock carts from Guda village under the Sahada Panchayat Samiti area.

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All the bullock carts were decorated with flower garlands and balloons and the processions were made to sit on mattresses. The convoy of one km long bullock trains reached Gangapur town via the major highway. Vehicles stopped at the main highway to see the scene. At the same time, huge people gathered to see this unique procession in Gangapur town.

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