Uncle gave intoxicated water to 11-year-old innocent, escaped after raping in a sleeper bus

Jaipur: Relationships in the capital of Rajasthan are once again ashamed. During his arrival in Jaipur from the village, Tau raped a fifth student in a moving bus. When the senses came, the girl found herself half-hearted. The victim reached home and told her family members. On this, the mother took him to the Jawahar Circle police station and filed a case. The police has started a medical search of the victim in the case and started searching for the accused. The girl has been abused since the incident.

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Police Officer Hamendra Sharma has told that a forty-year-old woman from Manohpura Kachchhi has registered a case that the 11-year-old girl is studying in the area by living near her immediate tau-tai. A few days ago the girl went to meet Morena's parents in Madhya Pradesh. The 11-year-old girl returned to Jaipur sleeper bus from the village on November 15 with Tau Kishan engaged in a relationship.

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On the morning of 15 November, Kishan left the girl at her home in Jawahar Circle. But the girl was scared after coming home. On much questioning, on 16 November, the girl told that Tau had given her water while sleeping on the bus at night. She does not know what was found in it, but after drinking water, he does not know anything. When she woke up in the morning, she was half-hearted. The victim reported that Tau misbehaved with her. Police has also got the girl's medical test done. The accused is absconding since the incident.

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