11 people died in same house in Jodhpur

Aug 09 2020 06:23 PM
11 people died in same house in Jodhpur

Jaipur: 11 Pakistani Hindu refugees belonging to the same family lost their lives in Jodhpur of Rajasthan. The reason is not known at the moment. This is the incident of Lodta village of Dechu police station. Police said 11 members of a Hindu family of Pakistan were found dead on Sunday morning at a farm in Lodta village of Jodhpur district. An official said, "a family member has been found alive in Lodta village of Dechu region". Superintendent of Police (Rural) Rahul Barhat told, "the person found alive claimed to have no conjecture about the incident." Barhat also told, "We have not yet been able to find the cause of death. But prima facie it appears that all the members had consumed some poisonous substance in the night, which killed these people. They told that there was a smell of some chemical around the hut, which seems to have consumed some poisonous substance. "

After this, in this case, he said that all the members of the family were Hindu expatriates of the Bhil community and were living in the village by building a hut in the farm, which they had rented out for farming. The SP said, "there was no injury mark on any of the bodies nor any evidence of any kind of assault, but we took action with the help of forensic team and a dog squad to reach any final conclusion." Preliminary information indicates that there was some dispute on an issue in the family. "

According to the information, 6 adults and 5 children have died in this incident. Dechu police officer Raju Ram said that there are seven women and four men among them. Police people are being questioned here. A sister of this family, who is a nurse by profession, was going here to tie a rakhi to her brother. After which it started living here. Some people are also guessing that the sister first gave poisonous injections to these 10 people. After that she injected herself. But still no one is being allowed to go to the place of incident, the police has banned the room where the incident took place. It is being told that the FSL team is the one to gather all the evidence and give the right direction to the revelations in this case. The only member alive in the family is also under police suspicion.

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