Rajasthan police went to bring the girl who ran away with her lover, molested, and raped in the police station

Jaipur: Rajasthan Police has once again put Khaki to shame. According to media reports, a Dalit girl who ran away from home with her boyfriend has accused the police of molestation and rape at a police post. The case pertains to the Singravat outpost in the Dhod police station area of the Sikar district. The girl was allegedly raped at the outpost in the early hours of August 29. The accused is Chaiki in charge Subhash Kumar. The Human Rights Commission has also asked the Sikar Superintendent of Police to submit a report by September 15 in the case.

According to the report, the Dalit girl had gone missing from her house on August 12. The family members reported it to the Dhod police station. Investigations revealed that she was in Sriganganagar with her boyfriend. Head constable Subhash Kumar had gone to fetch the duo. The girl alleged that on the way Subhash put her boyfriend in front of the car and sat behind her himself. In the meantime, he flirted all the way. The girl protested and was also beaten up. On August 29, at around 4.30 a.m., everyone reached the outpost. Subhash allegedly raped the girl at the outpost on the pretext of recording her statement. She was later intimidated and sent with her boyfriend.

When the girl told this to her boyfriend and family, a panchayat was held at Dhod police station. She then filed a complaint before the Superintendent of Police accusing Subhash of molestation and rape. The investigation into the case has been handed over to DSP Rajesh Arya. At the same time, the accused has been removed from the post.

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