Married woman raped in Alwar, police arrested 3 accused

Sep 19 2020 11:19 AM
Married woman raped in Alwar, police arrested 3 accused

Alwar: An astounding case of rape from Alwar in Rajasthan has come to notice. A woman was returning home with her nephew, she sat under the shade of the tree for some time on the way. Then 6-7 people arrived and surrounded the woman and her nephew. The accused began to assault the woman. After that, one of them raped her.

In the meantime, the accused's other accomplices took the woman's nephew hostage and assaulted her, after which they forcefully raped her nephew to avoid the woman filing a complaint. Not only that, the accused made a video of it and put it on social media. The woman is said to have been returning home with her nephew by paying money to her brother only after 6-7 people surrounded her. A young man raped her.  The police have arrested three accused in the case.

Police said, a 42-year-old married woman from a village under Sheikhpur police station was riding a motorcycle with her nephew on September 14 and returning to her village by paying 10,000 rupees to a relative in Kansali village in Haryana. On the way, 6-7 youths armed with an axe surrounded them near the hills of a village under Tijara police station and assaulted the victim's nephew and tied his hands with his feet. Then they raped the woman. So far 3 accused have been arrested in the case.

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