Death anniversary: How did a Kashmiri Pandit become an actor, know...?

Actor Raaj Kumar, who hit the big screen with the movie 'Rangili,' was always known for his different style in Bollywood. Whether it was his style of holding cigars or the way of speaking the dialogue, everything of Raaj Kumar impressed the people a lot. Raaj Kumar, who is known as a legendary actor in Hindi cinema, was born on October 8, 1926, in Balochistan. He was a Kashmiri Pandit. Raaj Kumar had made a special place in the hearts of the audience by acting in many evergreen movies of Bollywood. Raaj Kumar's style of saying dialogues in movies was also very different. At the same time, the dialogues of his films are very famous to date. Raaj Kumar's death anniversary is on July 3.

Raaj Kumar came to Bombay in 1940 and started working as a sub-inspector in the police here. The police station where Raaj Kumar was working in Mumbai, was often visited by people associated with the movie industry. Once, movie producer Baldev Dubey had gone to the police station for some urgent work. He was very much impressed with Raaj Kumar's style of talking and he had also offered to work in his movie with Raaj Kumar. Which Raaj Kumar immediately accepted and resigned from the job and started doing a movie. Once in the middle of the journey, the Raaj Kumarmet Jennifer, who was a flight attendant. Later, Raaj Kumarmarried Jennifer and Jennifer changed her name to 'Gayatri'.  

The two had 3 children, including 2 sons Puru Prince, Panini Raaj Kumar and 1 daughter Reality Prince. Raaj Kumar and Govinda were shooting for a movie. Govinda was spending time with Raaj Kumar wearing a squeak shirt after the shoot was over. Raaj Kumar said to Govinda man, your shirt is very nice. Govinda was very happy to hear this from the prince's mouth. He said, "Sir, if you like this shirt, then you keep it." The Raaj Kumartook the shirt from Govinda. Govinda was happy that Raaj Kumar was going to wear his shirt. But two days later, when Govinda saw that Raaj Kumar had made a handkerchief of that shirt. Actors like Big B have also become a victim of Raaj Kumar's unspoken tongue in the past. It is said that there was a time when The Raaj Kumarmet megastar Amitabh Bachchan was at a party and he even praised his exotic suit. Then Amitabh was happy and wanted to tell him the address of the place, so Raaj Kumar replied that he had to stitch some curtains. Hearing this, Big B could do nothing but smile.

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