A Rajput Queen who sent Rakhi to Muslim Mughal Empror Humayun

Aug 21 2018 11:36 AM
A Rajput Queen who sent Rakhi to Muslim Mughal Empror Humayun

In indian history, the enemity of the Rajput king and Mughal emperor is well known to us. Whether it is battle between Rana Sanga  and Babur or famous Haldighat battle between Mahrana Pratap and Akbar, Hindu and muslim rulers,particularly Mughals haves always fought each other for the piece of land. Inspite of this enemity,there was a queen who sent Rakhi to Mughal emperor Humayun and prove that Rakshabhandan is above all the enemity and religion.

Not a love purer than your sister's

Rani Karnavati was the queen of Chitor and queen of  Rana Sangram Singh  (Rana Sanga). After the  death of Rana Sanga, Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujtrat  siege Chittor . At the time of attack Rani Karmavati sent an envoy to Humayun with a Rakhi seeking his help, considering him as brother. Humayun was engaged in the east in Bengal expedition. As soon as he received the Rani's letter he abandoned the expedition and started marching towards Chittor to fight the Sultan and to help Queen. He arrived late. By that time the Rajputs had valiantly fought to death against the enemies while Rajput women, including the Rani had immolated themselves by performing jauhar.

Here Friendship is not just Day but a tradition

Inspite of enemity, It is  beauty of our nation that we belive in celebrating festivals and sharing happiness with each other.


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