Rakesh Kumar Yadav : Santa Claus For Every Aspirants Athletes
Rakesh Kumar Yadav : Santa Claus For Every Aspirants Athletes

As the header suggests, Rakesh Kumar Yadav Is a very humble soul who has managed to extend help and information towards all of those rising young sportsmen and women willing to learn and grow. He started his work in Puma India, in Bangalore. However he originally used to live in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. He was not always a tutor and guide but a very enthusiastic sportsman who had big dreams regarding sports and the same as a career. People have their own situations in the past but here he had a tad bit of a financial problem due to which he had to start working. He decided to opt for a sports shop because that made him happy. Soon, he had to deal with the young people everyday who wanted some kind of sports gear or the other. The thing with this generation is that, they are overly motivated and backed by very less support. This is why most of them tend to get lost. Rakesh wanted to ignite the true power of sportsmanship in them and hid them out financially too, he didn't have the heart to watch their dreams shattered because of a little bit of money.

Rakesh Kumar Yadav went all out while working with the people. The help Was in many forms. He would sometimes help them getting the required sport gear and kids, give them a detailed information who were struggling to make ends meet, motivation to the players who had enough potential in them but not enough backup, and so on. He never left anybody out no matter how bad the situation opted to be. When he started with Dreamz Sports academy in 2019, he never knew that he would be an angel to so many youngsters. This one is in Banaras and he plans on opening a second one in Chitrakoot, to reach out to as many people as possible. 

This man, Rakesh Kumar Yadav believed in all the people that come up to him. To be honest India is lacking in a lot of things, like infrastructure, training facilities for athletes, proper funding to make educational institutions for this specific purpose. He wants to be the coach, and one of the best coaches, for all his students. Though such facilities are unavailable, he remains to be there for everyone. The basic goal is to break all the barriers and establish an Academy which highlights sports and the importance of recognition of sports as a talent. Rakesh is sure to make his visions come true and help out many more out there, to make their dreams turn into a proud reality.

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