Rakesh Kumar Yadav creates a platform for kids in Madhya Pradesh and Varanasi with his Dreamz Sports Academy.

May 04 2021 09:19 AM
Rakesh Kumar Yadav creates a platform for kids in Madhya Pradesh and Varanasi with his Dreamz Sports Academy.

India as a nation is growing in all the sports. The importance of Sports is increasing like education. From cricket to other games, we see the government now supporting and encouraging sports athletes to come forward in their respective games and represent India at the international level. Taking this initiative to the next level is Rakesh Kumar Yadav, founder of Dreamz Sports Academy. Being a cricket lover and player, he wanted to help kids who are good at their games. Today Rakesh Kumar Yadav supports kids who need help. Yes, providing kits, giving good coaching and all.

The idea of helping young sports athletes came from his personal experience. He was a fabulous cricket player, but he left cricket due to a lack of equipment and support. He then started working in Puma Sports, where he got the chance to meet the top athletes around. Using his job as a benefit for others, Rakesh Kumar Yadav got all the support from Puma India. He then started supporting young students who can genuinely play for India at different levels. Using his personal funds for sports athletes who can represent India at the National and International level. 

Today Rakesh is running two successful sports academies in Madhya Pradesh and Varanasi with more than 100 students got free coaching and training under his academy. It is a great initiative in today's time when people don't leave a single penny. He is helping kids for free based on talent. Today many young cricketers are coming forward to help Rakesh Kumar Yadav in his initiative. By this effort, India will get real talent and also a platform for all who want to pursue sports as a career. Academies built by Rakesh Kumar Yadav is a perfect platform for all kids who need help in their sports career. 

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