Tie rakhi to your brother as per his name, will get fame and wealth!

Aug 14 2019 03:20 PM
Tie rakhi to your brother as per his name, will get fame and wealth!

The festival of Rakhi is very special for siblings. The festival is celebrated on the Shukla side of the Shravan month, and on this day the sisters tie the holy thread in brothers' wrist to protect him always. Now, today, a day before Rakhi, we are going to tell you which name brother should tie the rakhi.

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Name letters - A I J Q Y If your brother's name starts with these letters then the lucky colour for them will be yellow. The yellow colour is said to be the colour of light and it is going to bring excitement, happiness and development into your brother's life.

Name letters - B K R should tie a light green rakhi as it will enhance the sweetness of the siblings' relationship, increase love and increase fortune.

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Name letters - C G L S is best for the brothers of these letters in orange or pink and hence can lead to a future. There is an atmosphere of love in the house.

Name letters - D M T the brothers of these characters should tie a blue rakhi as peace, contentment in his life will increase, anger will decrease and the body will be invigopaged.

Name letter E H N X The brothers of these letters should tie a silver or a rakhi of gray colour as it enhances the luxury and wealth of life.

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Name characters - U V W The brothers of these letters should tie red or green rakhi as it will be a good fortune in life.

The name Akshar - O Z Bind the brothers in these letters to the sisters a light yellow or golden rakhi wrists, which will bring melody, happiness, energy, health, peace to the brother's life.

Name letter F P The brothers of these letters should tie dark green or blue rakhi as it transmits positivity in life.

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