Rakhi Sawant madly in love with boyfriend, will leave her saree

Rakhi Sawant, the famous actress of the entertainment world, is in the news these days about her boyfriend. Rakhi is seen expressing her relationship in front of everyone. Recently, Rakhi Sawant said such a thing about Adil that her fans were shocked. Rakhi Sawant revealed that she is also ready to wear a Hijab for her relationship.

Rakhi Sawant has fallen in love with businessman Adil Khan Durrani. Rakhi has also started dreaming of her future with Adil. Rakhi can do anything to take this relationship forward. She has even started planning for the future and she is ready to do anything for Adil's love. Recently, Rakhi Sawant also said that she can also wear a Hijab for her love.

Rakhi Sawant had recently attended her friend Urfi Javed's party. While discussing with the paparazzi at this party, Rakhi Sawant once again said a few things about Adil and her relationship. Not only this, Rakhi had also said in one of her interviews that my dear fans should pray for me. This time my relationship and home never broke down. He loves me very much and I love him very much too. In the interview, Rakhi also said that thinking of what is going to happen next, I will not live today, it can't happen. I love Adil and can do anything for him. Today I am wearing a saree, tomorrow I can also wear a Hijab.  

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