Rakhi Sawant blocked husband Ritesh due to 'Don'

Rakhi Sawant has finally made an entry in the country's hit reality show Bigg Boss 15. This time she has not gone to the house alone, but her husband means Ritesh is also present in the house with her. Rakhi started making such explosive revelations as soon as she entered the house that now she has become a topic of discussion once again.

Ritesh reveals love story:-
When Ritesh came home, everyone welcomed him, but Rashmi Desai, who came to the house as a VIP member, was very excited to know how Ritesh and Rakhi's love story had begun. Ritesh revealed to Rashmi and other contestants that this was the first time he had spoken to Rakhi Sawant through WhatsApp. Revealing further about his love story, Ritesh said that he was very upset due to the loss of one or two contracts from the hands of the company. Although initially, Rakhi Sawant blocked him. But when the conversation between the two gradually increased, Rakhi Sawant supported them in their difficulties.

Rakhi was dating the Don:-
Rakhi Sawant said that she was dating a boy before Ritesh but later came to know that the boy was a don and was threatening her when she was trying to get away from him. Rakhi was very upset and then she was determined to distance herself from the boys. That is why he also blocked Ritesh.

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