VIDEO: Rakhi claims about Jaitley's death, said- '10 days ago he was gone'

Aug 25 2019 03:15 PM
VIDEO: Rakhi claims about Jaitley's death, said- '10 days ago he was gone'

Senior BJP leader and former finance minister of the country Arun Jaitley passed away at Delhi's AIIMS Hospital on Saturday. While there is a sense of mourning in the political corridors after Jaitley's demise, a video has been posted on social media about Jaitley by dancer-actor Rakhi Sawant, who has also been mourned on social media by Bollywood celebs. But she is being trolled quite too.

Rakhi Sawant Shares Photo, Users trolls, Pregnant Drama Begins!

In a recent spat video, Rakhi Sawant claims that she had already come to know about Jaitley's demise and had the divine power to let him know things many times. Rakhi Sawant, known as the Controversy Queen, said in the video, "Friends Hello, Jaitleyji who is our BJP leader. He didn't stay between us. I said not a week ago not 10 days ago."

Rakhi Sawant shared such a picture that people are asking: 'Are you divorced...'

In this video, Rakhi is saying, "I sometimes have such dreams. I know, I don't know how but it is Godly power. I have this godly power on Thanksgiving. All I have to say is that people can bring peace to their souls and Jaitleyji has made good budgets out of his bag, the whole of India will remember him."

Rakhi Sawant is going to honeymoon alone because of Kangana Ranaut!


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Deepak Kalal, who still wants to marry Rakhi Sawant, said, "Rakhi can we get married...".

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