BB14: Rakhi Sawant's husband fights with Rahul Mahajan for calling her wife 'Cheap'
BB14: Rakhi Sawant's husband fights with Rahul Mahajan for calling her wife 'Cheap'

The show Bigg Boss 14 is rocking these days with a new twist. Earlier, both Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Sawant have become aggressive in the show. Both were considered very good friends, but in Bigg Boss, often the relationship changes and now both are in a sour relationship. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14, the fight between Rakhi and Rahul is about to be seen and the thing will increase so much that both start abusing each other. When this show went on air, Rakhi's husband has expressed his displeasure and has said many things about Rahul.

On the show, Rahul called Rakhi a 'Cheap Celebrity' and also said that her fans are also inferior. Rakhi's husband Ritesh did not like it and he told Rahul, "Whatever Rakhi is because of her own hard work and with this Rahul is nothing in himself, whatever he is from his father." Ritesh also spoke on domestic allegations against Rahul. He said, "Will they respect women who have raised their hands on their wife?"

Further Ritesh said, 'If I am a fan of Rakhi Sawant, am I also a cheap person? I say with pride that I am a fan of Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi is still financially handling the family of her elder brother, mother and sister. She had not married yet due to her responsibility, her father had promised her at the time of dying that she would take care of the whole family and she is doing it'. It is also being said that soon Rakhi's husband will be seen in Bigg Boss 14.

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