Rakhi Sawant's husband Ritesh tells Devoleena about her heart, open big secret

Rakhi Sawant's husband Ritesh in TV's popular reality show 'Bigg Boss 15' and contestant Devoleena Bhattacharya who joined the show as A VIP were seen talking to each other about 'Dil Se Dil Tak'. Devoleena cried a lot thinking about her life in front of Ritesh. Ritesh was pacifying them. Ritesh also discussed his past with Devoleena when she opened her heart to Ritesh. He said there was a girl in his life before Rakhi.

Devoleena told Ritesh that she too had dreamt like everyone else. She also wanted them to get married. She said that being an elder daughter, she took all the responsibilities and this left her feeling that 7 years of her life had been wasted behind her. Nothing could happen according to the way they had planned. However, Ritesh explained a lot to Devoleena. He said she should not think about her past now.

Ritesh said I was not like that before either. I used to roam here and there. I wasn't taking life seriously, but it brought me a girl in my life who changed my way of looking at life. Ritesh also revealed that the girl is no longer in the world. Ritesh said whatever he is because of that girl. Ritesh also got emotional while remembering his old love. Rakhi was watching Devoleena and Ritesh's words from a distance, but she had no guess what they were talking about.

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