This is Rakhi's auspicious, Laabh and Amrit Muhurat, know here!
This is Rakhi's auspicious, Laabh and Amrit Muhurat, know here!

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is considered to be very prominent and is very special for siblings. This time the festival is on 15th August. On this day, the most auspicious Muhurats are explored and both brothers and sisters wish each other long life and prosperity. Now, this is why the best ones who want to tie the rakhi in Muhurat. Now today we are going to tell you which best combinations are going to happen this year and at what time the rakhi will be tying the best.

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1. This time in Saubhagya and Siddhi Yoga, on the brother's wrist on 15th August, the sisters will tie the silk cords and 19 years later it will be an occasion to celebrate the Independence Day and the festival of Rakhi together.

2. This year, one day before the Raksha Bandhan, Bhadra's fault has been erased and 4 days before the path of Dev Guru Jupiter, the auspiciousness of the festival has increased and Bhadra is not in the shadow of Bhadra on the festival and therefore can tie the rakhi all day long.

3. This time the full moon date will start at 3.46 pm on Wednesday 14th August and will last till 5.58 pm on Thursday 15th August.

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4. This year, a day before the Bhadra Raksha Bandhan, 14th August will be from 3.45 PM on Wednesday afternoon to 4.51 PM. At the same time, the Shubh Shravan Nakshatra will also be held from 5.19 am on the morning of 14th August to 8.1 am on the second day of 15th August. At the same time, on 14th August, at 11.14 am, there will be good luck yoga which will last for 11.59 am on the second day of August 15 and then Shobhan Yoga.

5. With this, 19 years later, Independence Day and Rakhi are to be celebrated on the same day and the Raksha Bandhan festival is to be celebrated on Thursday. It is believed that Devguru Jupiter had asked Indra's wife to tie up the defence sutra to achieve the victory of Devraj Indra and the festival had since begun.

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According to Chaugharia, the most accurate auspicious Muhurat of tying the Raksha Sutra-

Shubh: 06.04 to 07.40 in the morning and from 5.17 to 06.53 pm.

Char: 10.52 am to 12.28 pm and 08.18 to 09.41 pm.

Laabh: 12.29 to 02.04 pm.

Amrit: 06.54 pm to 08.17 pm.

Shravan Kumar Poojan's Best Muhurat

Afternoon: 12. 04 a.m. to 12.28 p.m. (Abhijeet+Char)

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