Raksha Bandhan 2018: Tie Rakhi on your brother's wrist along with this mantra for his long-life

Rakhi is one of the four largest festivals of the Hindus. The festival celebrating the full moon of the month of Shravan is celebrated equally throughout India. The sisters bind their love through the yarn on their brother's wrist and in exchange, the brother promises to stand up and protect his sister in her happiness and misery. This sweet feast of love is on August 26 this year. It is one of those Indian festivals when the whole family together celebrates happiness. There are some following rules for tying a rakhi, which should be followed by every brother and sister ...

The first ritual of Rakhi should be worshipping Lord Ganesha because before performing all the auspicious work Ganesha Ji is worshipped. After this, the brothers should face in the mouth east or north direction.

While tying the rakhi thread, keep a handkerchief or a cloth on the head of the brother and the sister's head should be covered. It is better to wear red, pink, yellow or saffron color when sisters are dressed during rakhi.

The sisters should chant the following mantras on the brother's wrist, this increases the life of the brother.

om yadaabadhnandaakshaayana hiranyan, shataaneekaay sumanasyamaana:. tanmasaabadhnaami shatashaaradaay, aayushmaanjaradrshtiryathaasam.

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