This time it's two days, Sawan Purnima, know on which day Rakhi will be tied auspiciously

Rakhi festival is special for all brothers and sisters. Everyone is waiting for the day of Rakhi. In such a situation, this year Sawan Purnima is two days. In fact, Purnima Tithi is starting on 21st in Pradosh Kaal and Chaturdashi Tithi is ending on 21st August 2021 evening at 7.01 pm. In such a situation, the full moon date is starting after that, due to which it would be appropriate and auspicious to do many auspicious works related to Sawan Purnima on the 21st of the evening even after the full moon date.

On the other hand, as 22nd August 2021 being the full moon date from the morning itself, according to the rule of the Udaya date, the full moon date will be considered on 22nd August and it will be scriptural to celebrate the festival of Rakhi on 22nd August. Now, if we talk about Bhadra Dosha, then this year the auspicious time to tie Rakhi is not from this morning. In fact, on 22nd August this year, there will be sunrise on the full moon date and on 22nd August the full moon date is going to last till 5:32 pm.

On the other hand, due to the shadow of Bhadra till 4 pm on 22nd August, it will be more appropriate and beneficial to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan on this day from noon i.e. from 2 pm. According to astrologers, the last phase of Bhadra Puchha i.e. Bhadra will start from 2 o'clock. At the same time, according to the scriptures, the effect of Bhadra decreases in the last phase of Bhadra, due to which it is auspicious to do auspicious work like Raksha Bandhan and Holika Dahan at this time, it does not have an inauspicious effect of Bhadra. It would be auspicious to celebrate the festival of Rakhi on the 22nd of August full moon.

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