Raksha Bandhan Quotes

1. Happy Rakshabandhan


2.“Rakshabandhan is such a festival 

which is celebrated by brothers.

He promises to protect his sister

for the rest of his life.


3. "That sister is lucky.

Whose brother's hand is on his head,

is with him in every difficulty,

fight, quarrel and then love

That's why there is so much love in this relationship."


4. "Sister love is a white light,

In which the songs of our childhood are one

It resonates like music”


5.We remember our childhood

That fight, that fight and that convince

This is the love of brother and sister, and

Coming to increase this love

festival of raksha bandhan


6. A celebratory festival has come

In which there is brother-sister love

Let's celebrate this festival of Rakhi


7. The world is colored with red pink rakhi

sun rays happiness

moon moonlight love of loved ones

happy rakhi festival to you


8. Sandalwood Flower Necklace

month of august the rain of savannah

brother's wrist sister's love

Happy Rakshabandhan festival to you


9. Rakshabandhan is the festival

there is a shower of happiness everywhere

and tied in a silk string brother and sister love


10. Our relationship is of births, full of trust and love,

Come on brother, tie it in the unbreakable bond of Rakhi…


Rabindranath Tagore,' Service to man is also service to God.'

Love: It is your smile that fills my world with pleasure...

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