Rakshabandhan is not celebrated in this village for last 900 years

Jul 09 2020 03:52 PM
Rakshabandhan is not celebrated in this village for last 900 years

Rakshabandhan is one of the major festivals of Indian culture. This festival is celebrated every year with great pomp. On this day, the sisters tie a 'Rakshasutra' on the wrists of their brothers, and in return, the brothers promise to protect them along with the gift. However, in the meantime, you will be thinking about news related to Rakshabandhan, which we are going to tell you next.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated across the country on August 3 but this does not happen in Muradnagar in Ghaziabad. Here the 'Rakshasutra' have not been tied to the wrists of the brothers of Chhabria gotra for the last 900 years. Not only that, whoever tried to break it, something wrong happened with him. The village Surana of Muradnagar with a population of more than 15 thousand is mostly inhabited by the people of Chhabria tribe.

Mahant Sitaram Sharma explains that Chhatar Singh Rana, a descendant of Prithviraj Chauhan, who came from Rajasthan, had his camp at Surana. Chhatar Singh's son Surajmal Rana had two sons Vijesh Singh Rana and Soharan Singh Rana. It is said that the village was attacked by Mohammad Ghori on the day of Rakhi festival in the year 1106, during which Ghori crushed young men, women, children, and elderly people by elephant's feet and killed them. Since then, the festival of Rakhi is not celebrated here. But on this day, if a woman in the village gives birth to a son or a cow gives a calf, the family celebrates it.

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